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That's Fine for Merlin/5by5 T-Shirt Update

Dan Benjamin


Thanks to everybody who grabbed a That's Fine for Merlin or 5by5 T-Shirt. Your purchase helped make this our biggest sale ever -- about 900 orders! And many of those orders were for both shirts. Wow!

Merlin, Back to Work, and 5by5 as a whole has the most engaged, supportive fans I've ever seen. You guys are the best.

The American Apparel blanks were ordered last week, and they'll start printing and shipping over the next week. US orders should arrive at your door before the end of August, and international orders about a week or so after that.

Thanks again to everybody who picked up a shirt. And although we won't be printing these Merlin shirts again for a while, stay tuned over the next month or so for something new.

WWDC 2012 T-Shirts Have Shipped

Dan Benjamin

Our friends at Amplifier just told me that the special WWDC 2012 edition T-Shirts have all shipped out. Most made it out the door from their Austin, TX facility on Monday 4 June, 2012. This means that many of you will receive your shirts in today's mail.

When your shirt arrives, please post a picture of it to Twitter (hashtag #5by5tees), to Facebook, or to the 5by5 Flickr group (for us old-school kids).

My goal was for all US folks to receive their shirts in time for a trip to WWDC. We had to scramble to make this happen and I think we made it, but If you don't get your shirt by the day you're leaving for WWDC and you're in the US, please let me know.

T-Shirt Status Update

Dan Benjamin

Here's a quick update about the special run of WWDC inspired T-Shirts, for those who managed to sneak an order in during our week-long sale. We sold 634 T-shirts (444 5by5 shirt and 190 Talk Show shirts), a new record for us in T-Shirt sale numbers. On behalf of the network and the other hosts--who will get 50% of the profits from their show's shirts--thanks so much to everybody who placed an order.

We've sent the order over to our friends at Amplifier here in Austin, TX, who will be handling the print screening and fulfillment of the T-shirts direct to you in time for your trip to WWDC. Amplifier has a really cool facility, and I'll try and get some pictures once the production run has started.

Based on the success we've had with this run, we're going to do a few more runs in the coming months, featuring shirts both for 5by5 and our other shows as well, so stay tuned.